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You can shoot grouse, pheasant and woodcock and snipe. Not in as high

numbers as some of the more well known shoots in Scotland and probably

‘walked up’ rather than driven. The smaller bags are more than made up for

by the scenery and atmosphere of the area.

Duck flighting and goose shooting, with considerable numbers of greylag

arriving in late October and November, are also available.

Stalking is available for both red and roe deer. Roe Deer stalking is more

abundant in Caithness.

The area has a number of estates offering game shooting, wild fowling and

stalking catering for a range of experience. It is best to book in advance. A

good place to contact is Thrumster Estate:


Best times to shoot Game and Wild Fowl:

Grouse | mid August to mid September

Duck | September to December

Geese | November

Rough Shooting | late September to December

Best times to Stalk:

Red Deer Stags | mid September to late October

Red Deer Hinds | November to early December and February

Roe Deer Bucks | August to September

Roe Deer Does | November to early December

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